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Grace in Small Things 4 August 5, 2009

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  1. Boating out to the middle of a calm lake and enjoying the solitude.
  2. Freckles on the nose due to lots of sun on the face.
  3. A trailer that keeps us warm at night, even with the rain pelting against it and a coolness that chills through the bones.
  4. Hot espresso first thing in the morning.
  5. Three blissful days off of work, alone in the mountains with husband, more than one bottle of red wine, and a selection of good books.

Superstars Get Hangovers Too May 22, 2009

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Tips to ensure a succesful camping trip:

Bring wine, and lots of it.  Preferably home-made, as the potency is much greater.

Make an awesome play-list including but not limited to Abba, 70’s songs, one-hit wonders… and Disney tunes.

Stay up till 4 am singing above-mentioned songs drinking above-mentioned wine.

Wake up the next morning groaning… but knowing that it was so worth it.